A week or two ago I read a blog post about how to seem good at everything by simply stopping doing stupid shit.

I’ll up that one. To not look like an idiot, stop doing things that a dumbass would make — otherwise you are that dumbass.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Even if you have to promise less, tell the truth. Yes-men win for a while… not forever.

If you’re doing your job then actually do your job. If your job involves other people this is doubly so — if you not doing your job pisses the hell out of everyone else you look like a dipshit.

Learn to make decisions. Then live by their consequences. Not deciding is tantamount to deciding to do nothing.

Don’t lie. The truth will come back take a shit on you.

I’m not even say don’t do stupid shit. All I’m saying is do something that’s not moronic. I’m not asking a lot.