Many moons ago when was its own entity we had an intern. She was working in the marketing side of things and I barely remember her — I think I was introduced to her once and she was tucked away in that cube all summer.

Time passed.

Eventually I changed cubes and was in the cube that she had occupied a year or so before. She never really cleaned out her desk.

I think she’s why failed. I think she was a spy.

What else can explain this:  ???

She had a computer next to her. The computer can remember numbers like that just fine. The level of care devoted to transcribing number after number is mind-boggling.

This looks like what you’d see from a numbers station. It’s a way to send secret messages… that or maybe a one time pad. These aren’t the only pages in that notebook… there are dozens of pages that look like this.

Is it any wonder that the year after this notebook was written that we had our first lay-off?

I think not.