It’s never the right time to do anything. Well, it almost never is.

I had the antenna sitting in my garage waiting to be be installed since around February. Of course it wasn’t doing any good in the garage.

Why was it in the garage?

Because I might move and I would have to take it down.

I put it up not because I don’t expect to move — but because I got to the point where I just don’t care if I do. I can sit around waiting for something to happen — or not happen — and eventually I’ll die waiting for the perfect conditions.

Just get out there and do it.

If you want to get into a different career, just go and do the jump. Don’t wait for the perfect job. Don’t wait because it doesn’t exist. You’re probably not qualified for it. If you want to do something just get out there and start doing it.

If I move to the Bay Area — or anywhere else for that matter — I’ll take the antenna down and I’ll be better at putting it up the next time.  :-)  Or if I don’t… well then I have a perfectly good antenna up that I can use right as the sunspot cycle is picking up again for cycle 24.