The series is quickly coming to an end. In a twist of synchronicity cards seem to be saying the same thing unfortunately.

More get well soon cards addressed to the hospital… one of which…

Was delivered in person. He got over the 1975 issue though since I’ve seen cards up through the early 80’s. It’s still tough to look at them though.

Here’s the one that got to me:

A “1-way” exchange. Somewhere out there there’s a fully blank card that Jim kept along. Still had a sense of humor though.

Eventually the call W8MWC did get reissued to a John in Adrian, MI.

Vic did go on to after all this to keep on making more contacts though! :-)

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K8BFT     USA Parma, OH         Get well soon
K8DFW     USA Akron, OH   Dec 18, 1961 10 Fone  
K8DHT     USA Hinckley, OH 44233 Mar 11, 1968 10 Fone  
K8DZR     USA Lakewood, OH 44107 Apr 3, 1968 10 AM  
K8EBF     USA Parma Heights, OH   Sep 20, 1961 10    
KA8ETK     USA Maple Heights, OH 44137       Get well soon
KA8GIL     USA Elida, OH 45807 1979     Miss you
KA8GLK     USA Parma, OH 44129 Mar 7, 1980     Get well soon
W8APB     USA Cleveland, OH   Dec 2, 1958 10    
W8APE     USA Columbus, OH         Blank
W8BID W8BID-1   USA Brunswick, OH 44212 Oct 28, 1975     Eyeball
W8BID W8BID-2   USA Brunswick, OH 44212 Mar 1, 1980 20 SSB  
W8BKH     USA Cleveland, OH         Blank
W8DFL     USA Warren, OH         Vic’s card
W8EPP W8EPP-1   USA Parma, OH 44134 Jun 3, 1972 20 Fone Joan?
W8EPP W8EPP-2   USA Parma, OH 44134 Jul 31, 1975     Parma hospital bedside
W8ICB     USA Bedford Heights, OH 44146       Phone number
W8MWC     USA Lakewood, OH 44107       Going away – W8HC
W8OAR W8OAR-2   USA South Euclid, OH 44118 Mar 5, 1980     Get well soon – Forwarded
WA8EBS WA8EBS-2   USA Fairview Park, OH 44126 Jan 11, 1973 15 SSB  
WB8LDK     USA Columbia Station, OH 44028 Mar 23, 1977 15 Fone