This is all an upshot of not being in the new office yet and trying to deploy something to to production.

This, I humbly offer to you, is a near ideal exemplification of “janky.”

So we’re all sitting around the “board room” table at the Solon Hampton Inn. There’s a wired ethernet jack that doesn’t work right… it kind-of works, but we can’t get the VPN up and running on it.

So, here’s the whole network:

  • The hotel is connected to the internet and is NAT-ing that to the inside of the hotel
  • My MacBook Pro is on the hotel WiFi
  • The MacBook is sharing the internet with it’s ethernet port doing its own NAT-ing again!
  • We have a tiny RAP (Remote Access Point) that’s silently VPN-ing into the mothership
  • The RAP is broadcasting the SSID of the corporate network
  • Our laptops connect to the RAP and get IPs from the mothership through the RAP, my MacBook (with NAT) and the hotel WiFi (with another NAT).

Somehow this all seems to work. It only dropped the connection three times over the day… not too bad for such a cobbled together system!