I was up in my attic a while back and I found a plastic satchel tucked into the insulation in the rafters.

I decided to go through it to see what the hell it was. It is my house after all.

I’m guessing that the folks that built the house back in the last 60’s had someone that was a bit entrepreneurial. There was some stuff on a job placement franchise and another thing on a scary party thing — but that’s for another day.

Parker Career Center Operating and Supervisory Manual
Parker Career Center Call Form
Parker Career Centers General Training and Development Program

I know… it’s dry stuff.

But this is what you did before you had Monster and Google Maps and everything else we take for granted.

And I guess it could be franchised!

Who’d’a thought?

And it’s copyrighted.

I don’t think they’ll care since their not around anymore from what I’ve discovered.

The dude has a resemblance to Bob too… hmmmm…