Welcome to the land of repeats… even with the extra one. Some get well soon cards (some of which are dupes themselves!)

Why this one? It’s the first reference to 6m that I’ve found. Though it’s not a completed card. I heard En tell stories about how her grandpa had a portable radio in the trunk of the car; I wonder if this is from that time?

I’m just pulling this one up since it’s from 1936. A giant 750w 160m amp in the middle. Wow!

This one is interesting. If you look to Vic’s station, this time he’s W8DFL/VE1. Apparently he took his rig up there to Nova Scotia and made some contacts back home! Sure is cheaper than long distance back then!

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K8NUQ USA Cleveland, OH Dec 11, 1960 10 AM Hope u get modulation fixed
K8OGB USA Parma, OH Oct 5, 1959 10 Fone
W8EPP USA Parma, OH 44134 Sep 6, 1967 Fone Vic was VE1
W8IRG W8IRG-1 USA Parma, OH 44129 Hi Brains
W8IRG W8IRG-2 – Now W5UOY USA Pascagoula, MS 39567 Now a W5
W8MAK USA Lyndhurst, OH Jul 21, 1961 10 Fone
W8MQP USA Cleveland, OH 6
W8MWC W8MWC-2 USA Parma, OH 44130 Apr 25, 1977 20 Fone Last QSO before W8HC
W8MWL W8MWL-1 USA Canton, OH Blank
W8MWL W8MWL-2 USA Canton, OH Feb 11, 1936 Blank
W8MWL W8MWL-3 USA Canton, OH Blank
W8NJF USA Bedford, OH Blank
W8NYJ USA Parma, OH Blank
W8OAR W8OAR-1 USA South Euclid, OH 44118 Sep 10, 1967 20 SSB
W8OAR W8OAR-4 USA South Euclid, OH Get well soon
W8OAR W8OAR-3 USA South Euclid, OH Get well soon
W8OPM USA Cleveland, OH 44121 Blank
WB8GAL WB8GAL-1 USA Parma, OH 44134 Nov 6, 1981 Get well soon
WB8GAL WB8GAL-2 USA Parma, OH 44134 Blank
WB8GAL WB8GAL-3 USA Parma, OH 44134 Get well soon
WB8JSC USA Parma, OH 44134 Phone number