There’s a right speed. Not too fast, not too slow.

What am I talking about? Business.

If you are overly cautious you’ll never get anything done. If you go too fast you’ll constantly fall over.

Like the old saying from martial arts, to go fast you must go slow. Slow doesn’t mean like molasses. Slow means deliberate. Slow means being able to think about what you are doing while you are doing it.

Merely trying to go fast just wears you out.

– = –

Ennie and I went for a bike ride tonight. I commented that she was pushing harder than she typically does. There were a few times I was lost in thought and I looked up and she was 20 feet ahead of me. I had to speed up again.

All the energy expended up front backfired when we got to the hill.

The hill is a challenging, but short, 13% grade pop up around 50-60 feet. It’s sprinting up a five-story building.

But if you run out of energy you walk up it instead of riding. It doesn’t matter why you ran out of energy — all that matters is you ran out.

– = –

A haiku:

Be deliberate.
Know where you should be going.
Figure out the win.