So when I was moving my storage system to the closet I needed to buy some long firewire cables. That’s not a problem — all you have to do is order some up and like magic they show up, right?

Monoprice did their part and shipped it out exactly as they should have. Like most every other online store they emailed me the tracking number. All good there.

Well… not if the mail carrier decides not to deliver it.

Ok, so the carrier marked it as “Notice Left.” That’s strange since the package doesn’t require a signature. Everyone else (including other mail carriers) leaves packages on the porch where it’s nicely out of the weather. Or if they are lazy and less optimal they leave it by the garage. Not a big problem either way.

So I looked for the notice. No notice anywhere. I would take a picture but it doesn’t exist. Not in the mailbox. Not on the door. Nowhere.

If “Left Notice” means “Writing on the package you didn’t deliver” I guess you did.

It’s like the time I ordered bullets and I saw the mailman turn the truck around so he wouldn’t have to pick up the box.


Yes. I complained to the postmaster at the postal service office.

And they wonder why they’re becoming irrelevant.