After this I only have two more batches to go… It’s been a long project, but I think it’s worthwhile to see all of these documented. Worthwhile maybe only to me and En, but it’s worthwhile none-the-less.

Here’s an interesting one I found:

So, why is this interesting? Well, my hunch is that this is Vic’s CB QSL card. I heard stories from En about her grandpa’s car with all the radio gear in it. It would make sense if the radio in question was a CB since those were more mobile from the start.

How can I tell it’s CB? This is an easy one: 11 meter phone — which is the band for CB.

Incidentally this is also why there’s all sorts of hoopla when you buy an amateur radio amplifier. Ham radio contains the 10m band — on there you can use up to 1500W of power. CB gets 4W for AM and 16W for SSB. That doesn’t stop folks from hooking up giant honkin’ amps for CB. (I’m looking at you Scrapple! ;-) ) It’s close enough that it’ll generally work.

I just think this is cool. I wish I knew when this was written… I’m reading this and thinking how he was involved in the radio clubs in the area. He certainly had a lot of friends in the hobby. Friends that visited him when he was in the hospital… that he helped Elmer when they were first getting their hands dirty. All sorts.

Was he the president of the club? Does anyone know any more?

This… just because I like the town name.

En and I were through there on the way back from the Alaska trip. Menomonie.

All I can think of is the Muppets.

Oh, we were singing that though the headsets on the way back home. I still remember it like yesterday.

And now it’s stuck in your head too.  :-P

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19A7730 USA Blank CB (11m phone)
K0FZT USA Springfield, MO Apr 23, 1962 10 AM
K8SLF USA Parma, OH Blank
K8WVL USA Cleveland, OH Mar 10, 1962 10 Fone
K8ZTO USA Berea, OH Blank
W8-SWL-1 VE6AG USA Detroit, MI Dec 25, 1958 10 Fone
W8-SWL-2 USA Brookpark, OH 44142 Jun 7, 1973 Sr. Citizen Eyeball
W8RJB USA Parma, OH Blank with map
W8TNB USA Cleveland, OH Feb 22, 1962 Home made QSL card
W8WKY USA Barberton, OH 44203 Aug 29, 1970 40 SSB
W8WNU USA Canton, OH Dec 18, 1961 10 Fone
W8ZAH-1 USA Parma, OH Blank
W8ZAH-2 USA Parma, OH Blank
W8ZAH-3 USA Parma, OH Jun 3, 1972 20 SSB
W9CPB USA Menomonie, WI 54751 Nov 4, 1967 20 SSB
W9EMP USA Indianapolis, IN 46222 Sep 9, 1967 15 SSB W8DFL/VE1 In Canada
W9KAP USA Milwaukee, WI Sep 12, 1967 20 SSB W8DFL/VE1 In Canada
WA0QQN USA Silver Bay, MN Blank CB QSL
WA8SVX-1 USA Cleveland, OH 44144 Blank
WA8SVX-2 USA Cleveland, OH 44144 To a helluva good president we still need – You
WN8QFB USA Parma, OH 44129 Jul 9, 1973 Eyeball