This is the penultimate update for this long string of posts. I’ll be sad when they’re all done. If for no other reason than I’ll have to come up with something more original every week.

Don’t worry though, I have other plans for that!  ;-)

This card, amongst all the rest, holds the honor of the oldest one in the collection. As I write this it’s an 80 year old piece of paper.

An 80 year old piece of paper that has TXTing on on.


(OM = Old Man. It’s opposite is an XYL. XYL = eX Young Lady.)

It’s cool to see something like “Experimental Radio Station” on the card. Back then the experiments were for real. You had an idea and you had to try it out. There’s no simulations that you can do to virtually try them out. You strung some wires up in the tree and did something.

The experiments, no doubt, let to Vic working on the development of RADAR in WWII.

Connections all around.

We also start to get to some of the rattier cards:

These got left to the end. Most of these wound up being scanned on the flatbed instead of the sheet-fed scanner.

I simply love the handwriting on the card. The flourishes around all the letters are simply beautiful. I don’t know anyone that would just write like that any more. Perhaps if you were addressing wedding invitations you might pay someone to do this… but never just for something ordinary.

Maybe radio just wasn’t that ordinary.  :-)

The first real radio broadcasts started only in the 20’s. 1932 wasn’t that far removed from that.

I like this one for the extreme low-tech of it. The pre-paid 1-cent post card with a hand-stamped call sign.

“Single button, Hi”

…. ..


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K0BQJ     USA Mercury, NV   Dec 4, 1958 10 Fone  
K0KDX     USA Topeka, KS   Nov 4, 1958 10 Fone  
K0LME     USA Cheyenne Wells, CO   Feb 2, 1959 10 Fone  
K0RVB     USA Pueblo, CO   Nov 8, 1958 10 AM  
KA0AYB     USA Moberly, MO 65270 Jun 20, 1980 20 AM  
W0EXO     USA Hope, ND   Nov 9, 1958 10 Fone  
W0HMG     USA Dillon, CO 80435 Apr 14, 1968 20 Fone  
W0WO     USA Denver, CO 80207 Aug 5, 1967 20 SSB  
W0YC     USA Minneapolis, MN   May 12, 1962 10 AM  
W1ID     USA N. Providence, RI   Jun 22, 1932     Postmark
W2CHK     USA Long Island, NY   May 9, 1931 40    
W3GY     USA Lynchburg, VA   Oct 24, 1932 80 Fone  
W4ACL     USA Chattanooga, TN   Apr 10, 1931 40 CW  
W5AEB     USA Bryan, TX   Jan 6, 1933 20 Fone  
W6AVU     USA Oakland, CA   Feb 26, 1935 20 CW  
W8QNC     USA Safford, AZ         Blank
W9YGC     USA Greenfield, IN         Blank
W9ZQI     USA Cedar Rapids, IA   Feb 9, 1939 20 Fone  
WA0TRK     USA Mitchell, SD   Dec 4, 1968 20 SSB  
WA0WMG     USA Tyndall, SD   Sep 24, 1969 20 SSB  
WA9ZXV     USA Champaign, IL 61820       Dad – WN9EPD Al