…like explosive diarrhea is messy business.

Right now I’m mad at both the republicans and the democrats for the crap with Palestine.

A year ago we had President Obama saying we need to push to make Palestine a full state. Now we have our delegation applying a full court press against it. The Republicans are proposing a bill to defund aid to countries that stand with them. What the hell is going on here?

Of course their statehood was proposed simultaneous with the bill that created the state of Israel. All that notwithstanding one of the principals set forth by the UN – the body that created Israel – is that of self determination. The right that a people have to make a country.

Ok. So let’s take a different stance for a moment. Let’s pretend that Palestine shouldn’t exist. Shouldn’t the Palestinians have a voice in the government? Have access to public services? Should they not be allowed to own a house? According to the actions of the Israeli government they shouldn’t.

This is a people that are walled off. A people that have their houses bulldozed to make way for settlements intended to dilute them.

All this makes me think of the treatment of the Hungarians under Nicolae Ceaușescu under whom my mom grew up. Romanians were “imported” into primarily Hungarian neighborhoods to dilute them. Hungarians weren’t allowed to speak their own language or practice religion. You could easily be disappeared.

Everyone agrees that that’s not good.

But the same applied to the Israelis leads to a different conclusion.

I don’t get it.

Why is Palestine being a state and having rights a bad thing? Isn’t that exactly what we, as America, stands for. We go to other countries and use military force to “liberate” people from an oppressive regime all while we ourselves support a different regime that is doing the same things?

Why can’t either the Republicans or Democrats stand up for fairness and rights?

Why does this have to be one of the few issues they agree on.