Ok. Let’s say you get home and you see this hanging on your front door:

At first you might think “well, at least they didn’t waste paper on a phone book…”

I guess a door hanger reminding you of their web site is only so bad.

But then you look down…


Not only did you remind me that I opted out of the whole let’s-kill-trees-on-useless-stuff program, but you give me the thing I opted out of too?

I mean, who uses phone books at this point. You pick up your smart phone or check out Google if you need something. Hell, I tried looking up “Adult” and I didn’t find anything at all — just proves that the internet is that much more advanced. Nothing for “strippers” or “escort” or even “bar.” What good is this dead tree for anyway? Google always comes through for everything I’m looking for! ;-)


Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.