We spend a lot of our waking hours at our workplace.

A week has 168 hours in. Let’s remove the time we spend sleeping: 168 – (7*8) = 112. Of the 112 remaining hours we are typically expected to put in 40 hours. If you’re salaried and exempt from overtime  it might be more, but the assumption should never be much more consistently.

To expect that we spend much more than that working or being expected to be thinking about it all the time is way too much.

Burn-out is real.

My iPhone is no longer sucking down work email. Neither is my iPad.

If the SHTF then I have web mail, but I’m consciously not going there unless that’s the case.


Because for the past three months the buck has stopped with me for just about everything. Responsibility is one thing. Responsibility and accountability without the ability to fix things is quite another. It’s accountability without control. Emergencies sprouting from people not taking my advice and consultation that leads the the buck landing on my head is demoralizing. Management by wishful thinking and relying on miracles is taking me down a dark road.

In this time my life has suffered greatly. I’ve been relying on crutches to make it through my day. I’ve been intolerable to be around.

I declared myself buck-free on Thursday.

I’ve felt better ever since.

I’m also weighing my options. Some options are already off the table.