This is the last of the cards that I’m going to post since this is the last of the cards I have to post. I’ll post some meta-analysis later on as I process the data, but there aren’t going to be any new cards unfortunately.

Most of this last batch are cards that I couldn’t scan normally. Either they are too fragile or too abrasive to just stack in the document feeder for automated processing.

I’ll start with the oldest card of all that’s only partially filled out unfortunately:

I’m going to count this as a 80m contact. 85m is in the 80m band which ranges from 3.5-4.0 MHz — it’s in the bottom chunk that’s reserved for Morse Code. Morse Code is just sending out a single frequency coded just by turning it on and off. The single frequency is also called CW for Continuous Wave.

This was way back in 1930 from Warren. Vic lived there back then too so it wasn’t a long-range contact by any stretch. I just find the “OM” on the bottom funny. OM = Old Man. Of course back then he wasn’t. I’m older now than he would have been then.

Now what was I saying about abrasive?

The printing on the front may as well be glitter sandpaper!

The way the scanner works it slides it over the glass scanner… no way that’s going to make it through without scratching the glass. No way I’m going to try at least!

And let’s move on to fragile:

This was scanned in the carrier for the scanner. It was barely holding together as it was . I can make out the date a bit. 11/17/1931 probably… But that’s about all the handwriting I can make out.

It’s a bit worse for wear.

And no, I didn’t tape it; that’s the way it came to us. :-/

Another cool thing of the hobby is how it brings people together:

Followed up just about two months later with a…

The eyeball QSL. :-) Fun times… the same year that Ennie was born they set out on a road trip!

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GM5FT Great Britain Selkirk Feb 28, 1960 10 Fone
HK7LX Columbia Bucaramanga Oct 8, 1959 10 Fone
HP1RCP HP1RCP-2 Panama Playa Nueva Gorgona Mar 5, 1972 Diploma
I1TJ Italy Rome 166 Dec 20, 1970 15 SSB
I1TJ-part2 Italy Rome 166 Dec 20, 1970 15 SSB
K2USA USA Fort Monmouth, NJ 7703 Jul 31, 1971 20 SSB
K8TKQ USA Lakewood, OH 44107 Blank
QA8CGH USA Parma Heights, OH 44130 Be well soonest
Random List
W0GNS USA Minot, ND Oct 29, 1958 10 Fone
W8ANN-2 USA Warren, OH 1930 80 CW
W8PM USA Jekyll Is, GA Jan 25, 1971 15 SSB
W9HFD USA Mead, NE Nov 17, 1931 Illegible
W9MEL USA Boulder Hill IL 60538 Aug 1, 1974 20 SSB Mobile
WA4SQM WA4SQM-2 USA Jacksonville, FL 32207 Sep 14, 1967 20 SSB Cursive typewriter!
WA6EFT WA6EFT-1 USA Dana Point, CA 92629 Dec 29, 1976 Eyeball
WA6EFT WA6EFT-2 USA Dana Point, CA 92629 Nov 3, 1976 20 AM
WA8WWI USA Elyria, OH 44035 Blank
WB6EFZ USA Santa Anna, CA Dec 29, 1976 Eyeball – Notepad
WB6RYT WB6RYT-3 USA Mt. Wilson, CA 91023 Blank
WB8QFB USA Parma, OH 44129 Blank