…said George Pal to his bride…

Well, this one isn’t about Rocky though. (BTW: I just Googled George Pal and realized that he’s Hungarian like me! Same real first name: György. Cool beans!)

But regardless… let me get back on track here.

I ran into a friend of mine online that I know in from one side of my life in a very different part of my life. Now I have a conundrum; I don’t want to say a problem since it’s not really a problem at all. The conundrum being: should I up and “friend” him on the other site?

Let’s pretend for a moment that the site is all about Rainbow Unicorns (RUs for short) — something rather specific in a way. Something that you mostly hide from everyone else.

But I like rainbow unicorns too.

On one hand I think it’s cool to run into someone in “real life” that like the RUs as much as I do. It’s rather isolating at times to think that you’re one of a select few that really dig the RUs.

On the other, is it creepy to say “hi” online on a forum that he’s not really expecting someone from real life suddenly finding his love of RUs — even though I myself share the same predilection.

Does the wisdom of the community have anything for me?