My stint of jury duty has ended two days early. I didn’t do a damn thing there except hang out with dodgy WiFi.

Good thing that came of it: two nice lunches!

Day 1: Noodlecat!

Yummy ramen!


Yeah, I overdid it. Not just that I overdid the hell out of it! Soup. Rice ball. Salad. Home-made pickles. Ice cream to finish.

Somehow I wasn’t over-stuffed though. A lot of liquid I guess. (And I didn’t have breakfast that morning either)

Day 2: Fahrenheit food truck!

Great burger + a chicken taco that was thrown in for good measure. Awesome food!

Other than that I have nothing of note to write about. Sitting in a room with nothing to do. I was able to devote a health amount of time to writing some code though!

I really did want to get on a case though. It makes it a lot more worthwhile than the sitting and waiting. I guess what we need is more criminals… er… strike that.  :-)