Well, I didn’t lie — kinda. I’m no longer on the GoDaddy Windows hosting for the blog. Using Windows to host a WordPress PHP blog really seems like it’s swimming upstream. It can be made to work, but it’s hard.

I tried 1and1 and it was an epic disaster:

  • I couldn’t check out to buy the hosting with Google Chrome
  • When adding the domains it got really confused and eventually gave me a 500 error
  • I called support and I got a barely understandable CSR that didn’t even know the system
  • The DNS seems to only allow 4 MX records (not enough for Google)
  • The DNS must be hosted at 1and1


I did a bunch of looking for hosting providers that offer Linux hosting with SSH support. Most of them seem really fly-by-night.

Eventually I wound back at GoDaddy’s Linux hosting.

It’s fast. I can’t complain about this one.

…the devil you know…

I did have a slight hiccup… on En’s blog I had this up for about an hour:

I called up tech support and they said it was DNS propagation… I think he was using an excuse that most folks would take and not question. I knew it was wrong since the DNS had already went past its TTL.

Eventually I pried out of him that the change still needed to be pushed out to the Apache web server.

Sure enough, given another 1/2 hour it was working again — now on Linux!