So, what is a frenzy anyway?

Frenzy: A state or period of uncontrolled excitement or wild behavior.

That’s how things seem to be managed around here. Everything is an emergency. Everything needs to be done now. Everyone is trying to get everyone else’s attention all at once.

It’s the non-stop firefighting that sucks in everyone it encounters in the company. Without clear goals and good leadership the only substitute is to fix things when they as they break. It’s a directionless waste of energy that never really ends.

How can you fix it?

By having clear goals and good leadership.

By knowing what your goal is you can figure out a way of getting there. You can plan your strategy to avoid having fires to constantly fight. You can invest in training when you have the time instead of having to hack together everything because it’s being done at the last-minute.

Why is it like this?

My belief is that it’s because of the “flat org chart” that people brag about. The lack of structure leads to lack of accountability and empowerment. Without those you can’t have leadership and goals. All you have is a collection of people who are each trying to solve all the problems they see. That in and of itself is a good thing — but the lack of vision kills it. The vision needs to come both from the top, but also all along the chain of command. If there’s no command, how can you make decisions?

So what you have left is everyone scrambling around to plug the dike as things break.

The frenzy.