This is another of the things I found in my attic a while back. (In case you’re wondering why I was tromping around the attic — at this time I was installing a light in Ennie’s closet and this satchel of papers sat right near where I was installing it)

Ahh — the 70’s with their creepy guys with their creepy chickens in their creepy party bus you put your kids into while you’re drinking cocktails.


It just looks like a pedo-van. No, I’m not saying that Colonel Frank is one — but looking at it with today’s eyes I’m seeing the creepy mobile home and creepy guy with the neckerchief and the creepy cock looking at him.

This packet of literature was sent out to a jobs center back in June of 1971. This was going to be the next big thing.

That the Colonel Frank custom-designed Party-In unit will take its place along with such famous names as McDonald’s, Holiday Inn, Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc.

Interestingly I could not find a single reference to the Party-In concept once on the internet. I guess it didn’t work out.

The 70’s were a strange time — especially compared to now. (In fairness, “now” will likely seem strange 40 years from now as well)

But I guess it comes with some entertainment for the adults back in the house as well though… I’m not really sure that this type of fun is as appropriate for the kids.

– = –

In the end though it’s not a bad idea. The marketing for it looks strange and creepy now, but we are 40 years removed from it this. Closed-circuit TV was a new concept to be applied to something like this. We still have the remnants of the “Love-In” type terminology finding its way into the “Party-In.” The clip-art is odd… but that’s what you had back then.

I was talking about this with En this morning and the way this would likely work now is a food truck to cater a birthday party or something similar. The whole notion of not worrying about the food and entertainment for a party isn’t a bad one.

You can take a look at the whole set of Colonel Frank’s Party-In Literature as a PDF. It is pretty cool to read — a real throwback.

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