A while back I won a raffle at work (back in the old ICOM days) and got a server. It was an old server. It used to be an expensive server — I hear they weighed in at around $20,000 when we got them back in around 2000-2002.

Now it’s a very large paperweight. (well, was at least)

The last time this saw power was last winter when Joe was in his office and he was too cold. We tried to use it like a space heater. It generated a little heat, but just a whole lot more noise.

Here’s the first half of the teardown… I had to break a few parts to get this far in. But that’s OK I guess. Most everything you see except the boards would up in the recycle pile.

This was a quad-processor (well, quad core, but very separate cores) 700 MHz Pentium III Xeon monstrosity with 4GB of memory.

To put things in perspective, I’m typing at a quad core 2.8GHz Core i7 with 16GB of memory.

And it was an 1/8th of the cost.

I love progress.

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