Today is our anniversary — 12 years — and we decided to go to an old stand-by to celebrate: Lopez.

We went there a bit over a year ago and like every time before that we had a good time.

We went today and I think I made the determination that they’ve jumped the shark.

The service was annoyingly slow from the start — the hostess wasn’t at the station and we waited for a minute or so just to sit. Ordering tequila was slow; pouring two two-ounce pours should be a non-issue but it took almost five minutes. In the end I took my own credit card up to the bar to pay since the waitress didn’t bother coming back.


The appetizer we typically get, queso fundido, had been replaced by “Goat cheese fundido.”

I’ll stop there for a second and let it sink in.

Goat cheese?

It’s not a melting cheese. It was grainy and under-seasoned. It speaks about a chef who is more interested in adjectives than food.

The main course I had was what I typically got: Northern Style Quesadillas. This seems to have take a step back from before. The presentation was more reminiscent of what I would get at a bar and grill than some place that’s going for “cuisine.” The seasoning was OK, but it wasn’t great.

Towards the end the waitress said that the chef used to run Cena Copa which used to be next door. Of course this made it all make sense. Cena Copa had exactly the same problem.

Oh well, it was a good run while it lasted.