If the cat was out of the bag before the tiger is busy mauling people now.

If you, my dear readers, haven’t intuited I’m out in San Francisco as I’m writing this (or perhaps on a plane flying home). I’m out here with the company-wide meeting.

In the end I the perception is that they can easily continue on with the platform without me. This leads to me not having enough leverage to be able to try to really go and win for them. Without a win at most you have is a stalemate at best, an outright lose at worse.

Everyone wants to be involved with a winner.

Where did things break down? I honestly don’t know. The impression I get is that some folks are woefully underestimating the complexity of the problem at hand — both the general problem space and more specifically the system at hand that was brought to bear on the problem. I can’t help but feel the lack of trust in my knowledge of the industry.

I know I can sleep at night knowing I have done everything I can, including working well into illness, that I can do. Without help, knowledgable help, I can’t carry all the water.

Please, this is not meant as an offense to anyone I’ve worked with here. There are good folks here, but these folks don’t have the industry knowledge required to make things with in the time given.

Beyond that, I need to refocus on my own career growth path. I can maintain code with the best of them. That won’t get me to where I need to be.

– = –

I’ll be around. I’m not quitting yet unless my employer chooses to fire me now. I’ll do my best to put people in the right position for their own personal success. I’m not going to be “that guy.”

– = –

I’ve said my good-bye’s to most of the people I wanted to say bye to in person. This is likely the last time I see most of these folks in person. (Michelle, I was looking for you too but I couldn’t find you) I wanted to say bye to people face-to-face where I can. More personal than email or a phone call.

– = –

Such is life.



Live some more.

Make some good friends along the way.

If we ever cross paths again you won’t be forgotten.