Before going to bed last night I weighed myself.

This was actually this morning. Last night was a bit more. :pig:

Starting since the acquisition on and accelerating since my accident I’ve been putting on weight. I’m a stress eater. I’ve been drinking too many empty calories as well.

This is getting back to the OODA loop I was talking about a while back:

O – Observe
I weigh too much
O – Orient
I need to get back down to 175. What I’m doing now isn’t working to my advantage.
D – Decide
Really do loseit and let nothing get in my way. Cut out empty calories.
A – Act
What I’m doing now.

People wait for events to make a resolution. Resolutions are a waste of time. This decision came about at around 10:30PM on a Sunday night. Why wait for the morning, or the start of the week, or the start of the month.

Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something.

Resolutions don’t count for actions. Saying or thinking that you will (or won’t) do something counts for bupkis when the final score is tallied up. Only actions count.

Decisions and actions, along with the rest of the OODA loop should be occurring all the time. Sometimes it happens quicker than you expect. Sometimes when you least expect it. When a decision needs to be made, just make it. Act on it until you decide to do something else.