I found that I needed to get some dress shoes. My old ones are old (think around 15 years or so) and not quite holding together as well as shoes should. They make an odd popping noise as I walk about.

En decided that the mall would be the solution. She and I went to the mall — Beechwood Place to be specific. It was my first venture into a mall in the past five years so. (I may as well have direct deposit with Amazon, which explains my lack of physical shopping)

Our first store: Nordstrom… well I’m realizing that modern shoe style and me just don’t really mix. Sax’s was somewhat the same — pointy shoes, albeit pricier onces. Clarks just felt cheap and pleather-y, though some were less pointy.

Apparently pointy shoes are in.

I have moral objections to shoes that don’t fit my feet. My feet are not pointy, ergo pointy shoes do not fit. Eventually shoes that were not too pointy nor made of pleather were finally found at Dillard’s.

This gets to my point though: everyone has a style that fits them. If it happens to mesh with what society is wanting at the moment, then cool. If the “in” thing is something that you can deal with, then I guess that’s OK as well.

But you’ve got to keep true to yourself too,