Ok. Why the hell do I need an ultrasonic cleaner?

It all starts back in 1998. I just got my job at Progressive. I was getting paid slave wages before that. Even at Progressive, with a 30% raise I was getting crap pay.

But that’s OK. I had simpler needs back then. I was still living at my mom’s house. I wasn’t married. I had completely paid off my overflowing credit cards.

I wanted to reward myself.

Like I told people yesterday, I’m quirky.

To reward myself I wanted to get something nice.

I got myself a nice Parker fountain pen.

There’s another WTF moment. “A fountain pen?!” I hear you ask. Yes. I like to kick it old school. I also want a nice mechanical watch to go with it but I can’t bear to part with that type of cash.

I like the way fountain pens write. It has a certain levity to it the way it barely drags across the page. It’s the exact opposite of a cheap Bic pen that needs to be pressed hard into the paper leaving dents to go with the ink. There’s a journal I keep (and occasionally write in now-a-days it seems) that only sees ink from this pen.

I was doing a bit of organizing and it seems that the pen (and the journal) had been neglected. The ink had dried and upon washing and refilling it was writing poorly — it had an ink feed problem.

Doing a bit of googling I found a site that described the problem and the solution. For the most part the best way of cleaning a pen is with an ultrasonic cleaner.

I didn’t have one.

Until now.

Harbor Freight had one in stock on the west side. Less that $80 later I had one sitting in my kitchen.

It worked great!

After running it for a few minutes I started seeing blobs of ink start to leak out. This is ink that had resisted water and alcohol for hours and hours!

I cleaned some of En’s jewelry as well since things were set up.

I did our wedding rings as well.

The jeweler down the street charges $30 for a clean. Now after just a few cleanings I’ll be coming out ahead!

I have a few other uses as well in mind down the line: gun cleaning and brass cleaning. The next time I detail strip a gun it’s all going in the bath to get all the nooks and crannies! And rifle brass, once I get to that, will likely get some cleaning as well. (Pistol brass gets used so quickly that I would need to get something way bigger if I wanted to do that… no worries, the vibratory tumbler does the job quite well)

(I had already loaded in ink which is why it’s inky already)

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