I’ve been on an ink kick lately… well, not really that lately. I’ve always loved fountain pens like I said a few days back.

I got myself a new toy.


I’m not 100% sure.

A reward for getting to where I am at the moment perhaps. Maybe it’s just a premature reward for something that’s yet to come.

And why not?

Either way I have a new pen.

It’s a pretty pen. It feels damn good in the hand.

It’s a Pelikan M600 Green O Green. (Green On Green… but I guess that’s the way the Germans say it) I got this one with a fine point. I’m really glad I did since it seems to be a really wet fine point — but that seems to be expected with these pens.

It almost wants to make me wear dress shirts just so I can spiff it up a bit more with something like this in my pocket.

My bling is functional at least.  :-P

I also took the time this occasion to try out some inks with different pens. Admittedly this is a poor test in many ways since this is crap copy paper, but it’s not that bad.

Between the Parker and the Pelikan it winds up being so incredibly different! (Feel free to click the image to get to a full 600 dpi scan of it)

The inks in question are three different Mont Blanc inks, a Pelikan and a Noodler’s. The top ink actually has some iron gall content in it and it’s far more permanent than the rest. The rest are just fun to look at.

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