I ordered a Kindle Touch a month or so ago. I’m figuring my old Kindle will be handed down to my brother or mom or someone.

I got it because I wanted something a bit smaller. Was the old one too big? Not really… but still.

It arrived today in the standard self-mailing frustration-free box.

Of course I was frustrated when the pull-tab broke. Thankfully I had enough purchase with my fingers to get it the rest of the way open without resorting to the Leatherman.

I love the static image instructions that are left on the Kindle when you open it up! It’s playful and uses the properties of the e-ink display for its advantage!

One thing I noticed is that the Kindle doesn’t come with a charger any more. The second-generation of the Kindle came with a little plug-in charge that came with it. I don’t know about the third-generation, but this latest version has omitted it.

Another cool thing is that the Kindle came configured for me!

Immediately apparent is the size difference that this has over the second-generation Kindle:

Another great improvement is the screen itself. It’s significantly higher contrast than the original. My understanding is that this is the same screen as the third-gen version. A fear I had, thankfully unfounded, is that the touch-screen overlay will lower the contrast or leave a ghost image like the early Sony readers. Like I said, I can’t tell the difference! I’m happy!

The on-screen keyboard seems to work great as well. It’s very much like the iPad keyboard that I’m already used it. It’s more responsive than I was expecting as well.

It feels sturdy. Compared to the old Kindle it seems heavy for the size even though it is objectively lighter. I’m not saying it’s heavy, but the heft gives a feeling that I’m holding a solid device. I like it.

I did notice an interesting bug:

Page 4 of 3, eh? ;-)

I’m not sure what was going on, but I wasn’t able to replicate it.

Overall I’m quite happy with it, but I’ll revisit this in a few days and come back with more feedback.

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