This dovetails into my post on excitement. You need to be sane. Yesterday, tomorrow, and today.

We all work. Well, most of us at least. <rant>There are the folks that are too busy protesting about the 1%. Whatever, dudes. Whining won’t move the 1% down or you up to the 1%.</rant>

The line comes from a movie: Shock Treatment. You can argue if it’s a good or bad movie until you’re blue in the face. If you think it sucks, wait a bit and watch it again, you might like it eventually.  :-P

Like I was saying, we all work. We work for a number of reasons, one of the biggest is money obviously. But it has to be a fair trade. Trading one’s sanity for cash isn’t a way to win.

We do it for money. For friendship. For the challenge of solving problems. For camaraderie. For creativity. For satisfaction.

We don’t do it to go mad.

Here’s some of the lyrics to the last song in the movie, “Anyhow Anyhow:”

Some people do it for compassion
Some people do it for the fashion
Some people do it to be funny
Some people do it for the money
Some people do it for enslavement
Some people do it on the pavement


We’re going to do it anyhow, anyhow (x6 + an extra line)
We just gotta keep going


Some people do it for each other

Some people do it for their lover
Some people do it for improvement
Some people do it for the movement
Some people do it for enjoyment
Some people do it for employment

This is just what I was describing up top… That Richard O’Brien fellow is brilliant!

(Hey there Kimmy! /me waves.)

This is from a convention last year. If you know the Rocky Horror crowd you know about acting out the movie. Full disclosure: I did this for quite a while myself.

Somehow, in some strange way, I think I really get the movie now.