This is going to be a rant of the highest order (though not business related). If you want to skip it, do so now. You have been warned.

My niece is almost three. She’s cool. (Yeah, if you’re reading this in the far future — I’m the first one to say that… just sayin’) She’s a boisterous girl that knows what she wants to do. She doesn’t just sit and wait for stuff to happen, she gets them to happen. She’s a character.

My mother-in-law-in-law seems to disagree.

She made the statement that my niece is not going to play socker or other sports, she’s going to play the piano.

W. T. F. ?

If she wants to play sports, play sports. If you want to do things that aren’t girly, do them. If you want to do “girly” things, do it.

To limit what you can and can’t do is an idiotic statement. If she wants to ride dirt-bikes I’ll be the first in line to get her one. If she wants to shoot guns, I’ll teach her how to do so safely. Computers: check. Photography: check. If she wants to play with Barbies, I’m out of my league, but En will no doubt step up. :-) (Ok, I’m sure I can manage if I wanted to, but it’s not my forte) If she wants to play the piano (as opposed to being forced) then awesome! The key though is that every person is different.

To limit that artificially is damn near a crime — especially in kids.

Limits are for losers.

My niece isn’t a loser.