I know, I know… I did this last year too.

This year I’m doing it with LED lights and slightly better photography.

It all started when we moved in. I wanted to find a non-destructive way of attaching a string of christmas lights to the facia board above the porch. Being lazy I wanted to do it quickly and easily.

I tried a number of different methods and none worked. The next step would be attaching eye-screws in the board to get things mounted.

Then I had a brainstorm: big binder clips would be big enough to span the board! The problem is that they are ugly black. Well, ugly in this case anyway; on business documents they somehow work. Solution: spend a few minutes spray-painting them white to match the house.

I even used the legs of the clip to hold up the plugs between the chains of lights to keep them from dangling:

The cool thing is you can barely tell they’re there!

And it only takes five minutes to mount them all up.

BTW: the new Philips LED lights are awesome — they don’t look blue at all. They compare very favorably to the incandescent lights that are on the wreath and in the windows. And they also use a lot less power!

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