The Commodore 64 wasn’t my first computer — that honor goes to the TI99/4a, but that’ll be the subject of a different series of posts.

The C64 was the real workhorse of my understanding how computers worked. I wrote my first assembly on one. I ran a BBS on one (until it stopped working and was replace by a Commodore 128).

I ran across this instance at the Bulldada auction at X-Day this year. This was the least Bulldada thing there I think. I paid $60 for this one after a little bit of a bidding war. When I was buying it I didn’t know if it was a working one so I wouldn’t have gone further, but it’s something to have since it means so much to me.

But… does it work?

Turning it on the power LED glowed to life.

After futzing with the connections for the video I finally got a picture.

:-D :-D :-D :-D


I’m not sure why this is coming over as black and white since the normal screen is white on blue with a light-blue border… but that’s something for another day.

It came packed up with a 1541 5-1/4″ floppy drive, but I’ve not dove into that yet.

It also has the first real computer book I sunk my teeth into:

It’s a good inch and a half thick. And something that you don’t see any more — it came with schematics!

The entire computer fits on two sides of the paper! Thems were the days.

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