Well, right now I’m sitting on a plane en route to San Francisco to get together with my soon-to-be former employer to do as much knowledge transfer as practical in the next four days.

It’s a strange feeling.

I know I said a lot of my good byes last time I was out, but this time it’s a lot more real now that I have a new job.

I’m feeling really bittersweet right now. I spent the last nearly 11 years making the system what it is. Now that system is being cast off in a way. Other folks are going torun with it as best as they can. Is it going to be good enough? It’s hard to tell.

The tech folks at QuinStreet are a good crew. They are smart people. I’ve had some good times with them in the past. Honestly I’m going to miss some of them — not just the folks that came from ICOM.

I do hope that all that we’ve worked for in all this time doesn’t wind up as a CD in someone’s desk drawer.

At the same time I’m doing cross training I’m simultaneously looking at the future.

The dichotomy in that existence makes it seem quite awkward.

– = –

Update @ 7:02 PST: A good crew today. I can’t complain.