I was sitting upstairs at the computer when my phone rang.

“Hello, this is Jeff and this is going to sound really strange.”
“Go on.. ?”
“I think I have your checks.”
“… ?  Uhh… huh?”

He goes on to tell me that the checks he’s gotten from his brokerage — TD Ameritrade — have some of my checks bound into the same book. Not just that but three of his check books he’s gotten from them have other folks from Solon’s checks in them as well.

I thanked him and went to get my checkbook.

I called him back.

“Yeah, this is George — you called five minutes ago. I have your checks in my checkbook.”

Someone at the printing company way really asleep at the wheel. The above picture is what I saw half-way through the check book.

That is what it should look like for the most part.

You can tell the binding is not even on the mis-bound ones and they’re stuck in there upside down. Odd.

I’m just happy that Jeff is an honest fellow!

So I called up TD Ameritrade and spoke to Tim last night. He assured me that someone will get back to me today.

Today has come and gone and no one has yet reached back out to me. They’ve sent me the instructions on how to get the iPhone app… but they didn’t talk me me about the security issue.