Mmmm… Hot dogs.

Today’s choice: Happy Dog.

This is the second time we’ve hit this place, though we do need to go more often.

This place has a total of three menu items:

  • Hot dog (*)
  • French fries
  • Tater tots

* – Yes, you can substitute a vegetarian dog as well.

That’s it.

But if only it were that simple.

On top of the dogs you can select from a list of 50 different toppings ranging from the simple ketchup and mustard to a sunny side up egg or “Alien” pickle relish.

We did a tour of different ideas. The first batch was suggestions from the place.

Round one:

  • George (Iron Chef Michael Symon’s favorite)
  • 11 – Sriracha hot chili sauce
  • 20 – “Alien” pickle relish
  • 29 – Chunky peanut butter
  • Ennie
    • 2 – Red curry ketchup
    • 15 – Brazilian chimichurri
    • 45 – Caribbean coleslaw
    • 47 – Chorizo chili
  • Shared
    • Tater tots with Thai chile and garlic sauce

    Mmmm. (We split each in two and had a half of each one)

    Both were awesome! I loved the Symon special. A good mix of hot from the sriracha with the tang of the relish and the sweat earthiness and crunch from the peanut butter was over the top! En’s was a frickin’ gourmet chili dog!

    Round two:

    • George
    • 33 – Habiñero pickled red onions
    • 36 – Frito corn chips
    • 8 – Kansas City style BBQ sauce
  • Ennie
    • 14 – Bacon-balsamic marmalade
    • 22 – Pineapple-ginger chutney
    • 25 – Caramelized onions
    • 40 – French Brie cheese


    I started with picking the pickled onions and trying to design a dish around that. I think it worked! En picked from the menu and it was once again a winner!

    Between the nearly endless combinations of ingredients, great service and a fabulous beer list I think we have a real winner.

    Towards the end we caught the first song or so of a band, The Ohio City Singers, as they started off a set. Desert was provided by Sweet – Mobile Cupcakery and an awesome Almond Joy cupcake.

    Afterward you might as well have rolled us out.