I’ve gotten used to going to hospitals this year. I’ve gone more times than I really care to remember since my unfortunate incident.

I went again on Friday on what will be (hopefully) my final visit of the year. This is a slightly tardy six-month exam of my pinned together fracture.

I took some pictures of the PC after the tech asked her questions and left but before the doctor showed up or the screen locked.

The resident came in and asked a slew of questions before my doctor walking in the door.

“This one’s a real son of a bitch,” he motioned to me while talking to the resident, “he finished a race with a broken hip!”

She looked at me with a look mixed with horror and something resembling “whoa.”

“Any pain?” he asked.

“Not really. My knee still hurts a little but it’s getting better and I’m still numb around here [motioning around my thigh].”

“Well, you might never get that back… is it getting any better?”

“I have a little more feeling. I can feel someone touching my skin there…”

“Alright! You’ll have a full recovery!” the doctor said with a rueful laugh. “Well, you can do whatever you want. I want see see you again in another six months for one last time. I want you to know I haven’t ridden my bike since you came in.”

I gave him a strange look…

“No, it’s not because of you.”