I’ve kind-of taken apart a Glock pistol to show how it works, but not like this!

Today we go from:

To this:

The objective is to put on a Ghost connector and spring set that I got last week. Taking a step back my Glock 17 started off with a notchy annoying trigger. I did manage to get it under control, but it wasn’t fun to shoot. I read some good reviews of the Ghost trigger system and decided to jump in!

First off I’m going to strip the frame of the gun (mostly). This is a simple task. Three pins (or two in some of the older models) later the guts are out there for you to see. The only thing I didn’t take apart is the magazine release and the slide release. I didn’t have a need to for this operation so I didn’t — but it should be pretty easy if I understand it correctly.

From here I remove and replace the trigger spring. This spring counteracts the pull of the striker spring. All this takes is a push and twist. Easy peasy.

Next up is the slide.

There isn’t a hard part to this. All you need to do is push the striker sleeve in a bit and the slide cover comes out. Next, the striker and spring combo. Finally (and cool engineering) the firing pin block and extractor which normally interfere with each other come out.

In my case I’m replacing both the safety spring and the striker spring in order to lighten the trigger pull.

The assembly is just about as easy as the assembly. As I put the slide together I function test the operation. Likewise the lock-work’s operation is verified. As a final test the overall workings are verified with a few dry-fires.

By the way — I do have to say the trigger feels absolutely great! I’ll be trying this out on the range tomorrow and I’ll report back!

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