Ok – this is really a two-part thing. The obvious thing is the Glock + Ghost trigger review. A secondary thing is a back-handed review of a Tula primers with the Ghost trigger.

With the 23 I shot hand loads with Winchester primers. The 17 I shot with a lot of Tula primers and a lot of Winchester primers. The Ghost trigger came with a four-pound striker spring to replace the stock six-pound one from the gun. This is a good thing in one way and a bad thing in another.

Going back to the trigger for a moment. I am in love with it. I shot a 1-1/2″ group with the 23 from 30 feet without really trying. It’s nice and smooth and is everything the stock 17 trigger wasn’t.

Now with the 17… all the Winchester-primed rounds went bang the first time around. The Tula (Russian primers) had three rounds in 100 that didn’t go off the first time. Two went bang the second time and the third took three strikes for it to set off the primer. I know the Tula seats a lot harder than either the CCI or Winchester primers and I’m thinking it was from a harder or thicker primer cup that’s causing the issue.

Of course I can switch back to the six-pound spring with no problems… In fact I might do that next time around.

More later…