This is a followup to yesterday’s post.

I just purchased a pirated version of the Audi service manual since I couldn’t find a download for it.

I’m OK with that.

I wish the seller on eBay buys himself a case of beer or something.

I’m looking at the fucking piece of shit CD-ROM on my desk here and want nothing more than to smash it to bits since it’s useless.

I paid good money for it.

I won’t pay good money for encumbered content like that again.

It’s one thing to spend a buck or two to “rent” a video online. You watch it. You eat your popcorn. You’re happy. A fair exchange of value seemed to have taken place.

Not this time.

And not again.

I’d rather pirate this content than to “buy” it. I put buy in quotes because I didn’t buy a god damned thing. I transferred money and got nothing to show for it other than a penny’s worth of plastic.

The next time I need something like this… I guess the well has been poisoned by these idiots.

Like I said yesterday — fuck Bentley Publishers.