Much of last night consisted of me playing with fire.

I’ve gotten close to fire before but not in the flames.

It’s fun.

(No, fire is a metaphor; I’m not getting literal burns here, but I suppose in some contexts in the future it might be…)

Is there a chance of getting burnt or hurt in general? Sure. Just ask Icarus. But not reaching will leave you in your day-to-day hum-drum existence.

This isn’t to say that being “normal” isn’t OK — it is if that is what you are. To just pretend about normalcy is denying yourself.

Find the fire that drives you and learn to master it. Be careful, but don’t be afraid. Enjoy whatever challenge you have set in front of yourself. If you get burnt now and then apply some salve (or have someone help with that if you can) and take it as a lesson — both a life lesson and experience for next time.