The TV we have sitting in front of me right now, a 65″ Mitsubishi DLP TV has developed not one, but two problems in the past month.

It’s less than three years old and the light engine (the DLP guts of the TV) has developed two distinct problems.

First, and this has been going on for around a month or so, the TV has a flicker that starts to exhibit itself on the upper-right corner. It’s a here one minute, gone the next type of deal.

While we were just watching some shows it now has a stuck pixel.


All the time. Drawing your eye to it.

W. T. F. ?

Internet searches lead me to think this is a $1000 problem. A new TV is around the same price. A TV with a warranty.

Our previous set, a rear projection CRT lasted at least 10 years and has been to Iraq and back since we purchased it and from the latest reports it’s still working.

What a piece of crap this new one is. It has too many moving parts and things to fail. There’s the lamp (which is a consumable), the color wheel and the bazillion mirrors that is the heart of the DLP.

With a large consumer durable goods item like this I think of it like a car or appliance. When you buy a modern car you have the expectation that with a bit of care it will last you a good long time. You expect that the engine and the rest of the drive train will last. Same thing with this TV. I expect — or at least have the expectation that it should last 5-7 years.

It didn’t.

Next TV = LED-lit LCD. It’ll be showing up on Tuesday.

In all my time in using LCD “things” (laptops, monitors, TVs, etc.) I’ve never seen this type of behavior. I’m willing to pay more for this. I’m willing to pay more for something that isn’t going to piss me off.