Just a quick one today. Every week or so I get a question about buying Vec.com.

A response to all of them: No, it’s not for sale.

I guess if someone offered enough cash for it I might be swayed; nearly everything has a price after all. If someone was willing to drop 1MM on it I’d likely sell… but… yeah.

I picked up vec.com way back in 1994. I’ve been using it ever since. Mainly for email, but lately for the blog as well.

I like it though. I’ve been Vector or Vec from way back in the bulletin board days in the 80’s. I’m attached to it.  :-)

Here’s the way I look at it. I have the domain and I’m happy. It’s costing me minimal money to keep it and I’m smiling. If you were to offer $20K for it I would have money but I wouldn’t have the domain. I’m happy now without the extra cash, ergo, I’m going to turn it down.

Am I stupid? You can certainly make a cogent argument for that case and I’m not going to argue. ;-)