I first heard of Ballistol while watching Hickock45’s YouTube channel. It seems to be all that he ever uses to clean and oil his guns.

I decided to give it a try.

I have to say this is the best stuff I’ve ever used!

The bonus is that stuff isn’t toxic at all.

Everything I’ve read is that it leaves a film on the metal. I can attest that it does. I just cleaned up my 1911 and it cleaved up a lot faster this time than ever before. Before I needed to use all sorts of nasty stuff to get the carbon residue off the frame. Now it just rubbed off.

It’s also not conductive so it’s not bad for electronics.

And it’s water-soluble. You can make up a gently basic watery solution to clean off your black power arms. (No, I don’t yet have one yet.)

It’s actually been used as medicine as well.

And it can be used to increase the octane of your fuel.

And it’s good for blisters.

And it doesn’t harden.

You can drink it if you want, though I would imagine it would taste bad, but I haven’t tried (yet).

It’s good stuff. It has a funky smell, but you get used to it.

I’ve used it on guns. The paper shredder. Doors. Removing adhesive residue. Everything really.

Awesome stuff!