Not what you were expecting, eh?  :-P

As I’m going down this odd path of writing and writing instruments I’m coming up against things that I would never have expected myself to want to do.

I was one of those rebels in the cursive classes. I didn’t want to do it. My writing has devolved into a bastardized italic script.

Then I started playing with pens.

Then I got myself a cheap Speedball dip pen. A flex nib dip pen.

On the down strokes you apply a bit more pressure and the tines of the nib spread out making a wider line. On the upstrokes you barely graze the paper leaving a thin dainty line.

The downside is all the ink dumping dries out the nib pretty quick.

The scan above was dipped a total of three times for the six five-inch lines.

But all of those lines are made with the same pen (or nib depending on your chosen nomenclature).

The above, in case you were interested, is a clumsy try at Spencerian Script.