As part of the whole goals thing I need to get in better shape and build my endurance. I ordered an indoor cycle to help me along with that. (Honestly, I also like to ride my bicycle as well, so this will give me a good platform to be better at that too)

More on that tomorrow when it should arrive.

But… (here’s where I finally get on-topic) it needs someplace to live.

The obvious choice is the basement.

Problem: the basement is full.

“Full of what?” you might ask.

Stuff. Lots of it. Disorganized.

Part of this is allowing myself to let go of the past. For some reason I’m kind of pack-ratty. I like to keep things and organize them in case I want to refer to them in the future.

Of course the future that needs it almost never arrives.

The best example is that of magazines.

Some of the magazines are way, way old and out of print and I know I will have no way of finding them in any library around me. Those, I’ll likely keep a few of.

But what about Scientific American for instance… Really? Why the hell am I acting as an archivist for them? Any library around will have back issues if I feel the need to look something up. Or I can look it up online.

Or old beat up things that aught to be in the trash.

Or just memories that need to stay memories.

Or things that would better live in the attic.

What was a full basement is now two-thirds empty. I’m not done with it, but it give me plenty of space to not be claustrophobic.

Like I was writing yesterday… it’s amazing what a little focus can do.

– = –

The things remembered
The past that is behind us
Finally let go