Month: February 2012

Teardown: DeWalt 14.4V Battery

This is what was going to go up yesterday… but was delayed by my venting. Today I’m taking apart a battery that refuses to hold a charge. I’m trying not to have this be a destructive teardown since I want to be able to rebuild this battery pack (along with its brother that’s only a bit less janky). All it takes is a Torx-10 driver and a knife to cut the heat-shrink. Interestingly, the pack is nothing more than a bunch of sub-batteries all wired together. 12 1.2V NiCd batteries all wired in series! This brings up an interesting topic: battery sizes. I’ll give you a hint, there’s a lot more than the AAA, AA, C, D and 9V batteries out there in the world! :-D This is a 22.6mmx40.9mm battery. The 22.6mm width is essentially a 23mm sub-C battery of some sort. The 41mm width is a bit more puzzling. It’s a bit shorter than a normal sub-C battery, but … well … that’s the closest size. I think what I’ll do is get two-dozen batteries and wire up a pack and report back. The cost new for a new battery pack is around $50. I’m figuring around $15 worth of batteries will get me something better than new! [smugmug url=”″ imagecount=”100″ start=”1″ num=”100″ thumbsize=”Th” link=”smugmug-lightbox” captions=”false” sort=”false” window=”true” smugmug=”true”...

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Guns; Gun Control; God; Parenting; Kids

(Teardown tomorrow; current events prevail) I was reading the comments on a NY Times article about the recent shooting in Chardon. This happened way too close to home; Chardon is around half an hour from where I live and I’ve been there many times. I was talking about this with En the day it happened about how the first thing that will be blamed is the gun involved. Sure enough, that’s the first thing that everyone is blaming. If you’ve read the blog you know I have guns. That, I’m sure, will bias your opinion of me and my ideas. I’m going to kindly ask you set those opinions about me aside for a moment and let’s have a rational, non-ad hominem, debate and discussion. I’ll lead off with the obvious — what happened in Chardon is tragic. No one can argue that. The focus must be on what we can do to prevent that in the future. The reality we live in — here in the US — is one where guns exist. That genie can’t be put back in the bottle no matter what you want. It’s been proven time and again that additional gun laws don’t affect crime statistics; definitionally, criminals don’t follow the laws. Laws only affect the law-abiding. Repeatedly, however, every time a crime occurs with a gun people call for additional regulation. It doesn’t...

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Working out

Ever since I got the indoor cycle I’ve been working out near religiously. I think I’ve had two or three days in past month that I’ve not had any real activity. Those were also somewhat planned days anyway as rest days to let me recover a bit. So I’m getting in shape. Why? There’s the stupid medical answers. Well, they’re not that stupid, but few people lose weight and exercise just because their doctor tells them to. It’s the good intention type of bull that never seems to work. You need real and personal reasons to motivate any long-term endeavor. Here are mine: Dakar Sex Pants Dakar: Long term. From looking at people riding around on motorcycles you would think that the bike does the work. Watching the race l know that’s not the case. These guys seem to be running a marathon every day. I need to be in what I would consider amazing shape to ever think about finishing. This works in two dimensions as well: fitness and resolve. Fitness to make it to the end and resolve to get to the next day and do it all over again when every bone and muscle wants you to stop. Sex: Yes, call me vain, but I want to look good naked. You might not want to see me in my birthday suit, but for those that do I want...

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Strange Bedfellows – Politics, Conservation, Sportsmen

I was reading this month’s issue of Field & Stream and was shocked at an article. Shocked because someone wasn’t toeing the line. The conventional wisdom is that folks that hunt and fish are died-in-the-wool conservative republicans. The gun-totin’ bubbas that want nothing more than to get Obama out of the Whitehouse because that’s what Rush tells ’em to. The article “Sportsman’s Storm / Fish-and-game protections are in the path of a killer Congress” isn’t that. It’s pointing out that the bills that are trying to get pushed through Congress are purely to serve the interests of the big money industries that want nothing more than to rape and pillage the country of its resources. When I see a quote like “even President Obama backed away from important deadlines on air pollution regulations.” The constant parroting that the environment and conservation is “killing jobs” is predicated on the fact that the only way to have jobs involves destroying the environment. The Republican party has been so completely permeated by faith-based idiots that they think simply believing science doesn’t exist makes it go away. Imagine being back in the early 80’s when you still had leaded gas. In today’s thinking you would say that lead doesn’t cause any problems — besides, the tetraethyl lead additives are being made by an industry that supports thousands of jobs and you can’t have all those jobs go away. This might...

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On Sex and Podcasts (A Question)

I know, I’m late to the game on podcasts. I haven’t had a long drive to work for eons and since then I’ve been in active meeting-y places where you can’t really chill with headphones on. That changed right around January, 2011 — a little over a year ago. The building I worked in became empty and the five of us that were still at the old place had our own offices. It was quiet and I needed something to fill the void. That’s when I started to listen to Savage Love — a podcast from Dan Savage. Fast forward to a month or so ago when I got my indoor cycle and I suddenly had around 7-10 hours a week that I can’t really do a whole lot more than listen to stuff. Since then I’ve broadened my listening menu a bit. I noticed an interesting thing about the podcasts and the regular participants in each. Savage Love Dan Savage – Male / Gay Sex Is Fun Laura Rad – Female / Straight Gay Rick – Male / Gay Coochie – Female / Straight Having Sex, With Katie Morgan Katie Morgan – Female / Straight Cassie Young – Female / Bi (just left the show) Jim – Male / Straight (very minor role) Sex Nerd Sandra Sandra Daugherty – Female / Straight Dave Ross – Male / Straight (minor role) (The women...

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Singularity of vision

We got some Chipotle at work today since a bunch of the team is working hard on a final push to finish up a large project. Cool. A few hours pass. My computer’s checking something out of subversion so I look around aimlessly, waiting. I look at the bags they came in. I’ve read some Chipotle bags and cups before and I was always at least mildly amused. Then I saw this bag: I looked at one side… Cute. A subtle dig at me. I like it. I like the non-corporate-ness of the whole thing. Then I looked at the other side and completely lost it. OMFG! Beautifully hand-lettered “lorem ipsum.” I can’t help but laugh with the artists about this little in joke. This is normally a place-holder text for something to be added later… but this isn’t a placeholder, it’s real and awesomely hand drawn. It’s like opening a book and finding a page reading “this page isn’t blank” stuck inside. I did a bit of Googling for it and the first result had response from one of the artists: Hopefully I can help shed a little light on this mystery… I am an Associate Creative Director at Sequence, the agency in San Francisco that designed and developed this entirely hand-written packaging system with Chipotle. As someone who worked on this project from its inception, I can...

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New Gun: Boberg XR9-S

Sorry to disappoint. I don’t have it yet. It’s being made for us though. I’ve been on the waiting list for around a year now and my name’s finally come up.  :-) It’s a new gun that a guy up in Minnesota has been developing over the past four or five years. It’s a different action than most handguns though, which is part of the appeal. The way that conventional handgun works is the slide grabs a round off the top of the magazine and shoves it up the ramp to the chamber. This works well for a full-sized gun where you’re lot looking to save a millimeter. The problem is that as you start to shrink down the gun the barrel gets shorted a lot faster than the gun gets smaller. The limitation is that the barrel must begin after the magazine. The Boberg has a different approach. It’s not a new approach, but it’s different than most handguns. It has more in common with old WW-I belt-fed machine guns than the typical Browning tilt-barrel locking design. This shows a conventional handgun with the slide back ready to chamber a new round. (Yes, I’m ignoring much of what makes a gun a gun — intentionally!) The slide will be moved forward by the slide spring (not pictured) and the stripper will strip a new round out of the magazine up the ramp and...

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Privacy Policy

Google made a lot of news recently with their change to unify their privacy policy. It got all the media in a lather with talk of “is Google turning evil” or some such stuff like that. This isn’t about Google’s policy. It’s not about this blog’s privacy policy. (Short answer there: there is none. If you reply to something then your response if going to be public… go figure.) This is about my privacy policy. I had a discussion with a co-worker today about the blog… somewhat meta in a way. I mentioned that I put private things on here and he looked back me aghast recoiling is shock. I know I’ve talked about it before… but I’m reiterating here. By nature I’m not a private person. I am who I am, take it or leave it. Can I hold things in confidence? Sure. If you tell me not to leak something, I won’t leak it. I’m an open person, but I’m also a shy person. It’s a dichotomy. Ask me a question and I’ll give you a straight answer — I might beat around the bush, but I won’t lie to you. – = – I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately. A couple that I’ve been diving into are: Savage Love Having Sex, With Katie Morgan Sex Nerd Sandra Sex is Fun That in itself opens me up a...

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