A bit more than a week ago I got my indoor cycle.

I like it.

I have to say it feels just like me regular road bike. I can cruise on it at around 130 W for around an hour or so. It feels like I’m on the road going around 16-17 mph.

The great thing is that it has a power meter. It keeps me honest. There’s an objective number that tells me how I’m doing. It’s not that “I’m working hard,” it’s precisely how hard I’m working.

It’s analogous to a hill. The hill isn’t going to get smaller because you’re tired. It keeps you honest.

So far, between me and En we’ve been on it for around 10 hours or so. Every weekday so far I’ve been on it. I just need to keep that up now! :-)

And lemme tell ya: 450W kicks my ass something fierce.