We were thinking what to eat today while watching the game and we started talking about wings.

This reminded me of the stories I was hearing about a year or so ago: chicken wings.

Chicken wings used to be trash meat. The thing that everyone wanted was the breasts and legs (hmm… writing that made me feel funny). The wings were stuff to be dumped off. The bids were raised to have bigger breasts. (ditto)

When I was first hearing of wings they were the stuff to get you in the bar to drink. You had nickel wing night. I was regaled by stories of ordering up 50 wings at a time.

Today while eating brunch at Fisher’s Tavern in Peninsula they were advertising a special on their placemat: $0.50 wings on a certain night.

I started looking around at found this wholesale price list for this week:

(Retrieved from http://www.freshapproachmarket.com/?page_id=60 today)

Sure ’nuff… wings weigh in at $2.49 a pound and breasts at $1.59 a pound.

Of course this is nothing more than micro economics of what consumers are buying. It’s still amusing to go from trash to treasure in such a short period of time.

En wound up making some chicken strips from some breasts instead of ordering up some wings.

Meta: I think this the most I’ve used “breasts” in a post without meaning boobies.