The tradition that En and I have started a long while back… before we got married if I recall correctly.

What we do is avoid the crowds. We pick the day either before or after Valentine’s Day to go to someplace nice.

It started when we tried getting reservations too late and things were already booked.

Well, that was a fortuitous mistake.

You get the food and restaurant and all the trimmings, but you get to miss out on the crowds and overworked waitstaff.

Today: Nighttown in Cleveland Heights. Awesome as ever. (Well, it was once we asked for a new waiter that was more on the ball) Oddly, neither of us got the traditional steak. En: bacon wrapped pork; me: chicken under a brick.

Good stuff!

I know it’s somewhat thumbing your nose at the establishment; doing something out of step. Give it a try!  :-D