Ok — I took the bike apart yesterday. Today: put it back together!

Well, It’s 99% together at this point. I have to wrap the handle bars and screw in the pedals. Other than that it’s all together and tuned correctly. (Pictures tomorrow)

The part that caused me the most angst, the bottom bracket, turned out to be one of the easiest parts of the build. The portion that took the longest time was arranging how the cables are going to get routed — I couldn’t use the old ones as a template since things. Measure a dozen times and cut once.

Tomorrow I think I’ll take it for a quick shake-down around the neighborhood.

So — here’s the numbers for the weight difference from old to new (all weights in grams):

Old New Diff
Bottom Bracket 104 106 2
Crank 940 672 -268
Cassette 234 240 6
Front Brake 178 144 -34
Rear Brake 176 142 -34
Front Brifter 250 156 -94
Rear Brifter 244 108 -136
Chain 270 252 -18
Front Derailleur 106 102 -4
Read Rerailleur 218 172 -46
2720 2094 -626

In total I hacked off around 1.4 pounds from the weight of the bike. Likely a tad more since I have lighter cables as well… but that’s water under the bridge at this point.